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Efficient Development of Modern Applications in the Java Environment

Scala is a modern programming language based on Java technology and combines object-oriented programming with functional programming.

One of the key strengths of object-oriented programming is the structuring of codes to build large systems. Functional programming, on the other hand, focuses on the combination of simple functions. These goals complement one another, so it is good practice to combine both techniques.

Applications written in Scala can be developed with far less code, as it is easy to eliminate redundant data.  The amount of source code required is 50%-70% of what would be required with a  Java application Furthermore, the style of programming decreases means there are less errors in the coding. The benefits are reaped over the long term, as changes can be quickly adopted and there is a reduction in maintenance costs.  

Scala is based on proven Java technology, which means Java applications, libraries and tools can usually be used without any problems.

Due to the increased level of abstraction and fact that there is a lot more freedom when programming in Scala, the demands on the developer’s abilities are higher. Each project has to be evaluated on its own merits to determine whether or not the use of Scala is beneficial from a strategic point of view. We would be happy to advise you and support you in the implementation project.  

  • Faster implementation of change requests
    Business fields change quickly and often. Many business models are extremely dependent on software. One of the key challenges of modern technology is that it is constantly progressing and organizations need to keep pace. Those companies that are successful in doing so will have a clear competitive advantage.

  • Lower costs for maintenance
    Maintenance is an ongoing process. Less program code means that new employees can familiarize themeselves with the framework quickly, and this enables errors to be identified and corrected efficiently.

  • Lower susceptibility to errors
    Using good programming techniques typical runtime errors can be detected and eliminated whilst the code is compiling. This boosts customer satisfaction and reduces the effort needed for bug fixing.