Use of Internet Explorer 6/7/8

You are using an old version of the Internet Explorer that is no longer supported. Please use a newer browser version. If you are missing the rights to do so, you can also enhance your Internet Explorer by installing the add-on called Google Chrome Frame. The extension allows you to display web pages that are no longer support by Internet Explorer. You can download the add-on here.

Project Support

Our usability engineers provide comprehensive support during the entire development process.

We perform a usability context analysis in line with international standards. This analysis identifies precisely what is required for an efficient product usability. The outcome of the analysis is a requirement specification, which facilitates the efficient implementation of functionality and ensures that any unnecessary features are implemented.  

Based on the requirements identified in the analysis phase, we then design prototypes in order to test the optimal structure of your software before starting the development. The concepts and designs are refined and endorsed on an iterative basis during user-testing.

We also provide support services such as coaching developers and we can undertake further evaluation, reviews and optimization throughout the implementation phase.

We verify the quality of the usability to ensure a successful product launch.

We can also support post product launch if required.  

  • Requirement specification of ISO 9241-110
  • UI concepts and prototypes
  • Usability tests, disclosed critical usage situations
  • Successful software
  • A project team competent in usability